MTBNZ affiliated

“Mountain Bike NZ and Cycle NZ work together to grow and develop mountain biking as a sport for New Zealander’s, through promoting participation and membership, development pathways, securing and administering national and international level competition”. For you this means you and our club are connected to the greater world of mt biking! Benefits include; helping

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Reefton: Queens Birthday Weekend, 2017

With fine weather forecast for the coast, 15 of us left a cold, grey day in Christchurch for a long weekend of mountain biking in Reefton. After a coffee and bite to eat, we headed off on our first ride, Blacks Point. This is a loop ride of approximately 15kms (760 meters of elevation during

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CMBC Constitution And Certificate Of Incorporation

We’re delighted to announce that the Canterbury Mountain Bike Club has had its constitution approved. This is an important achievement for the club. Thanks to Matt Newby, Neil Coleman and Bronwyn Ward for contributing to this. Having a constitution (rules that the club abides by) means all members and prospective members know what our club

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Presidents update

Hello!A quick update, with what’s going on with your club. We currently have 192 Members! Thank you all for joining. We are often getting people asking why should I join the club? So here’s a few reasons:- Good Karma knowing you’re giving money back to upkeep the tracks you’re riding on. (Part of your membership

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Don’t forget Denniston!

Barren? Yes – Boring? No! OK, so we are probably all guilty of riding the popular tracks on the West Coast, so Glen and I thought we’d take a look at a lesser ridden track network – Denniston. So I’m no gung-ho rider, but for me, this was an excellent place to practice riding technical

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Winter trail conditions

Riding in the wet can ruin the tracks, so to avoid contributing to any damage, make sure to check the track reports that identifies what trails are open for riding. We now have links to the Christchurch and Craigieburn Trails on our website.

SlowRiders XC on Tuesdays

What’s this? you may well ask… a Slowriders XC on Tuesday? Aren’t SlowRiders on Wednesday? All true and valid questions – but we are working on a new offering.We’ve noticed that the original slowriders has moved from being slow to slow-ish to being pretty full on at times. Our original ethos remains the same –

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