Wednesday: SlowRiders Trail

Hi all!

Please join us on our Wednesday SlowRiders ‘Trail’ social ride.
This is a great chance to meet some other riders if you enjoy riding the hills. As with all local/Christchurch based rides, everyone is welcome to come along.

SlowRiders ‘Trail’ rides are  geared more to intermediate level riders that enjoy coming downhill over technical terrain.
You should be getting up Rapaki in under 40 minutes.

Our Wednesday night rides are organised each week on the CMBC Facebook page.

This group is designed for social, inclusive riding. There’s always someone at the front who’s keen to sort out a good trail and then there’s always a ‘Tail End Charlie’ to make sure that we all clear the trails. They usually have a tool kit and a first aid kit (just in case) and often carry a hip flask – ok maybe that last part isn’t true…

During winter/daylight savings, lights are essential. If you are wanting to try night riding but don’t yet have lights, please leave a message on the Facebook page and one of our regular riders might be able to loan you a light for the night.
We recommend a minimum of a helmet mounted LED light with 1000 lumens for night rides.

Be responsible for yourself by packing a basic first aid kit, some tools, an extra layer of clothes and some snacks. And be social – leave the race mentality at home, relax, chill, chat, have some fun, encourage everyone and laugh at yourself… 🙂

We’ll then head off somewhere fun and casual for dinner and/or drinks to help with rehydration and planning for weekend adventures!

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