Club Calendar

Canterbury Mountain Bike Club Rides
Our rides scheduled for every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights and alternate Sunday mornings.

We are trialling the addition of non-Canterbury Mountain Bike Club events/races to the calendar also.
This will help support other clubs around Canterbury and help to make sure that you don't drive to a riding location already busy with an event!

You can also see all the upcoming events on our Facebook Events Page

The Canterbury Mountain Bike Club hope that after going to a few rides, new riders will enjoy riding with us and want to help support the tracks they are riding by joining the club.

Once a member, you will also be eligible to join our frequent trips out of the city.

Our friends over that the Christchurch SingleTrack club, also have a Calendar of events.

Please note that there are also non-'Canterbury Mountain Bike Club' organised rides posted on our club FaceBook Page
These casual, social rides are posted by club and/or general public riders who are looking for company on a ride.
The club holds no responsibility for these rides.