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SlowRiders XC is growing!

The Tuesday night SlowRiders group is growing again since we asked for ideas from you, our members as to what you needed. If you’re a member of the CMBC Facebook page, but haven’t come out on a ride yet, why not join us next week? 🙂 Our rides are open to everyone, and nobody gets

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(K)night Riders!

Hey all, No, we’re not renaming the SlowRiders to the ‘Knight Riders’ for the winter months, or growing hair like David Hasselhoff’s in the 80’s! We’re talking about lights, if you’re wanting to continue to ride after work in the winter (like our very popular SlowRider rides) you’ll need some decent lighting. We’re not discussing

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SlowRiders XC on Tuesdays

What’s this? you may well ask… a Slowriders XC on Tuesday? Aren’t SlowRiders on Wednesday? All true and valid questions – but we are working on a new offering.We’ve noticed that the original slowriders has moved from being slow to slow-ish to being pretty full on at times. Our original ethos remains the same –

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The SlowRiders have come of age!

Exciting news! The Wednesday night SlowRider events have proven so popular that the Canterbury Mountain Bike Club and the SlowRiders have decided to join forces! Both groups have long been working towards the same goal; to get more people out riding. Watch the FaceBook page or our Club Calendar for our SlowRider events. #SlowRiders #weRide