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MTBNZ affiliated

“Mountain Bike NZ and Cycle NZ work together to grow and develop mountain biking as a sport for New Zealander’s, through promoting participation and membership, development pathways, securing and administering national and international level competition”. For you this means you and our club are connected to the greater world of mt biking! Benefits include; helping

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SlowRiders XC on Tuesdays

What’s this? you may well ask… a Slowriders XC on Tuesday? Aren’t SlowRiders on Wednesday? All true and valid questions – but we are working on a new offering.We’ve noticed that the original slowriders has moved from being slow to slow-ish to being pretty full on at times. Our original ethos remains the same –

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The SlowRiders have come of age!

Exciting news! The Wednesday night SlowRider events have proven so popular that the Canterbury Mountain Bike Club and the SlowRiders have decided to join forces! Both groups have long been working towards the same goal; to get more people out riding. Watch the FaceBook page or our Club Calendar for our SlowRider events. #SlowRiders #weRide

New Track Status Page

Ben Young has been developing a new status page concept for the Christchurch Port Hills tracks. It pulls the data in every hour or so and updates his site and also sends a Tweet out if a track status or ranger comment has been modified. If tracks are closed/avoid there are a couple of blocks at the

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2015 AGM

Gidday Folks, Its AGM time again. Be good to see you there to have your say about the direction of the club. At this stage along with the usual AGM topics, the following will be discussed: 1. Club branding, t-shirts, bike accessories etc, 2. The new website, 3. Charitable donations.If you have any items you

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