SlowRiders XC on Tuesdays

What’s this? you may well ask… a Slowriders XC on Tuesday? Aren’t SlowRiders on Wednesday?
All true and valid questions – but we are working on a new offering.We’ve noticed that the original slowriders has moved from being slow to slow-ish to being pretty full on at times. Our original ethos remains the same – go ride with good people and have fun and it seems this has appealed to many and our groups have got big. Along with the increase in numbers has gone an increase in the fitness and riding abilities of those who have come along and some find the Wednesday night rides a little full on at times.

We love everything about slowriders and want to increase the potential for even more SlowRiding around Christchurch.

We’ll do this is a couple of ways.

1/ Slowriders on Wednesday will have a focus on full on trail/technical riding, similar to what it has now, but we may split the group so there is a ride where slower less technical riders can join and have an adventure without needing to be uber fit or technically strong. e.g. The quicker group might ride up Rapaki with a quick loop around Montgomery Spur thrown in for good measure, before joining up with the slower group at the top of Rapaki ready for traverse options.

2/ We will start Tuesday slowriders as well! This will have a focus on XC (cross country) or easier trail rides and is designed for true group (i.e bunch) riding. We’ll try rides out with fewer technical challenges and shorter uphills to suit newer riders. We’ll increase the social opportunities too – there are great dinner specials for Tuesday nights!

Tuesday the 14th of February is the first Slowrider XC! Come be part of this historic event for SlowRiding in Chch!

See you there!

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