Don’t forget Denniston!

Barren? Yes – Boring? No!

This is the carpark at the start of the MTB trails

OK, so we are probably all guilty of riding the popular tracks on the West Coast, so Glen and I thought we’d take a look at a lesser ridden track network – Denniston.
So I’m no gung-ho rider, but for me, this was an excellent place to practice riding technical rocky trails, but still manageable for an intermediate rider. Lots of weighting, unweighting, and keeping the momentum going.

Look for track signs like this as they can be easy to miss.

We popped into Habitat Sports to get some local info about Denniston, picked up a map and headed for the hills. We parked at the Denniston Incline and rode to the start of the trails, but you can also park at the start of the trails. With limited time, it was suggested to us to ride Loopy, Rocky and Sullivans trails so we could get used to the terrain. Then we headed for Taxman and Pig route… yeeha and whoa all in one trail!

There are a few creeks to cross.

We were told not to use the DOC map online… Grab a current map ($3 donation) from a local outlet e.g. Habitat sports Westport.

Thanks to the small group of volunteers who are creating this great network of tracks.

Link: About Denniston Plateau mountain biking tracks

Glen and Ingrid