MTBNZ affiliated

“Mountain Bike NZ and Cycle NZ work together to grow and develop mountain biking as a sport for New Zealander’s, through promoting participation and membership, development pathways, securing and administering national and international level competition”.

For you this means you and our club are connected to the greater world of mt biking! Benefits include; helping us by advertising our club, getting across our voice for track advocacy, some shop discounts, getting a UCI number which you need to enter races in NZ. The biggest bonus is 3rd party insurance cover for our club rides.

If you have insurance questions feel free to ask me, I can send you the policy to read through. It only covers paid up members and is only for ‘club rides’, It is 3rd party insurance, so far as I can understand it would cover the damage to property and other people injuries if… you go so fast there’s cartoon flames coming off your bike wheels and you jump crashing through a window of a restaurant, skidding to a stop injuring people and damaging property for which you are held in court liable for. It does not cover your, or others, bikes or cars used to transport you during club trips. Any accidents and incidents must be reported to the club president at directly after the club ride.